Morbid Tales #6 is now SOLD OUT...

Cheers to all and everyone for their incredible support. The 'zine, which had a print run of 1000 copies is now sold out from me. There will unfortunately be no follow-up, as I have many many long-term plans that I need to focus on. In any case, MT#6 will still available at a few distributers, so check out this page for info:

Link to the distributörs page

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Thanks for the mighty support!!

Hails, I just wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciate your mighty support! The zine has travelled many seas so far, and it is really just unbeleivable. I have about 120 copies left if anyone is wondering, but have no more limited CD-R's.

Also, distributors from overseas are starting to get their packages, check the distributör page for updates.Link to the distributörs page
That's all for now, headbangers and beer drinkers!

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Morbid Tales #6 out now!

MORBID TALES #6 is a regressive full-size fanzine featuring in-depth interviews with VOÏVOD, METALIAN, DARKTHRONE, PORTRAIT, MASTER’S HAMMER, PAGAN ALTAR, FAUSTCOVEN, SOOTHSAYER, MORNE, INEPSY, LAMP OF THOTH, FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND, SACRED BLADE, ELIXIR, TROP FÉROSS and CAULDRON. This monster - which took two years to write - also includes live reviews, London/Prague/France/Montréal record hunting guides, 80+ album/EP/demo/fanzine reviews, an Italian horror metal report as well as an exclusive COUNTESS/BARATHRUM/SABBAT tour report from 1997, written descriptively by Orlok of COUNTESS. In addition, the ‘zine contains the bizarre Hell Bent for Cooking special; a 13-page “cookzine” featuring 24 recipes of entrées, main meals and drink mixes from UG/non-UG metal bands around the world!! 120 pro-printed pages of total metal madness!
First 150 copies ordered from me will come with a totally D.I.Y. spray-painted compilation CD-R of all the bands in the ‘zine, with an extra un-released COUNTESS song from the Spawn of Steel era.


Prices (including shipping)
***postal prices has went up on January 12... arghh! Sorry all!**

USA $8.50 USD
INTERNATIONAL 14 USD / 10.50€ / 9.50£

Send well-concealed cash to:
Annick Giroux / Morbid Tales fanzine
Comptoir postal Frontenac
2600, rue Ontario E, Suite 135, C.P. 88551
Montréal, QC

or paypal (add 4.5% fee):
Distributors, get in touch for wholesale prices: go_yaten(at)

Thanks for the support, and please spread the word around!!

Hellishly yours,
- Satannick

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Morbid Tales #6 release party!

Come celebrate the release of MT #6 at this amazing show:


NWOBHM worship from Montréal

Thrash/Death from Québec-city

Black/Death from Québec-city

Punk/metal from New York