The zine was created in late 2004, and started as a 40-somethin' half-page fanzine featuring three bands. The idea to make the zine had came to me that it would have been cool to do a fanzine to distribute in Ottawa record shops and at shows. I found my ideal zine partner when I saw that my friend Jo's had a punk fanzine (Born 20 Years Too Late). We talked about doing a metal one... So he came up with the name "Morbid Tales" which was obviously very Celtic Frost inspired. Everything was made cut'n'paste and xeroxed locally until I kind of grew tired and started pro-printing it at issue #5.

The goal of Morbid Tales is to spread the metal virus all over the world, so I encourage all of you to photocopy your fanzines and give/sell/trade the zines to your friends. I do not want to see it scanned though, as it isa paper-zine and has no place on the internet.