Here are some reviews that were given (I got much more in printed zines, but am a bit too lazy to write them up at the moment!)

Morbid Tales #6 (comments only - hope you guys don't mind!!):

"Got the zine, thanks! Oh man, WOW. It was like opening a heavy metal piñata."
-Ilari Lepistö, Finland

"It looks very interesting, and has your sense of fun and humour all through it. I like the Rob Halford cookery picture on the back, ha ha, very funny."
-Phil Denton, England

"Holy sure outdid yourself this time! What an AWESOME issue!!! It is SO great to see a fanzine like that....true believer in metal you sure are!!!!"
-Scott Wark, Canada

"Got the zine today and i must say you've really out done yourself this time! it looks fantastic and the hell bent for cooking segment is great."
-Nathan Brewer, United States

"Just wanted to say the new Morbid Tales fanzine is fucking amazing!  Cannot believe how much effort and time has been put into's so cool when people do stuff like this still in the days of the internet etc."
-Alastair Mabon, England

"Very good content and layout! Love the Voi-Vod, Sacred Blade, and Master's Hammer articles the most, wish the MH interview were longer though!!!! Thanks for the CD comp too! First time I listen to Portrait and Metalian!...Overall excellent material and outstanding presentation."
-Mario Torres, United States

"Awesome read and a great range of stuff....It's suprising and refreshing to see a band like the flower trav band in a (black) metal, High Tide being in your top 100.....I was totally suprised and pleased to see that being mentioned, so maximum respect for that. You have good taste!"
-Dave, England

"The new one is like 100 times better than all of your back issues combined."
-Yosuke Konishi, United States

"It seems you've done an amazing job with the zine. Especially the new issue looks killer and I love the compilation cd!"
-Simo Myyrylainen, Finland

"Just writing to say thanks for a really killer zine! Easily the best Morbid Tales thus far - I really hope you get time and inclination to continue with it, because there aren't many people who are able to write conveying such passion and spirit for the music! The Voivod and Faustcoven interviews are particularly great, as they seem so much more personal than a lot of interviews. Great recipe section too - I guess Simon from the Lamp must be a chef or something haha!"
-William Clough, England

"The Zine is amazing Annick. Seriosuly old school. I feel like im back in 83!!!! Really impressive."
-Tom Price, England

"Greetings Annick, got the mag today and all i can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! What an amazing piece of hard work!!! A labor of love I am sure!!! It really is a great looking mag and i am really looking forward to reading from cover to cover!! i was almost saddened to read that it will be the last one but am looking forward to your next endeavours!!"
- Dave Hewson (SLAUGHER), Canada
"Just a quick note to tell you I got the new issue, it's GREAT! wow how it has grown and changed over the issues, amazing stuff."
- Omid Yamini, United States
"Congratulations for the zine, I love .. many good pictures, interviews, reviews and other good sections... my favorite sections, metal tourist guide and cooking section, hahaha!!! Very clever and special for a drunk day!!!!!"
- Luis Rivas, Chile

Morbid Tales #5

After reading half of this Canadian rag I had the opinion, that this is the most “live” zine I have ever read. That happened due to the fact all Canadian bands that take place on this zine, are, interviewed after some live gigs, also the Celtic Frost intie, was taken by phone and there exist a lot of live reports too. Anyway second half was more balanced and included some very interesting inties with some old guys like Ares Kingdom, Black Death (old obscure Heavy Metal from the states formed in late 70’s), Dream Death and Devastation (ex-Yugoslavian evil speed metal aaaarrrgh!). This zine run mainly by Annick (a totally addicted to drinks and metal girl hehehe) and Jo (who did 3 great inties) is an amazing source of information if you want to learn a lot about the Canadian scene. It is mostly focused in ancient metal sound (and that’s great for me), namely old heavy, doom, speed/thrash and old black metal and I cannot deny the great taste of the editors. Other bands interviewed besides the aforementioned are Maniak, Demontage, Witchtrap, Blood Ceremony, Weapon, Midnight, Trench Hell, so much shit to read. Add also some reviews and a Montreal record shop guide (not that useful for us outside Canada...). I wait for next issue, as this one is a bit old.

- Unholy Impaler for Fatal Call issue zine #4


Morbid Tales #5 isn’t all that new, but it’s pretty impressive: 100 pages of b&w thrash worship with a strong focus on local bands, shows, and an admirable dedication to metal history coming from a 20-year-old. Interviews in this one include Celtic Frost, Black Death, Midnight, Blood Ceremony and lots of others. Also: Montreal metal record store guide, thrash news, lots of show reports, and a lengthy reviews section. The layout fits the subject matter perfectly, and anyone who’s into thrash probably needs this right away. No price given, but email Annick at



カナダのクレイジーなメタルガールSatannick嬢(20歳!)による、完全DIYカット&ペースト・ファンジン!2007年冬の第5号。 最新号は紙がちょっと上等+ホッチキス止めで少し洗練された作りになりました
遂にやったぜ的なCeltic Frostを筆頭に、オハイオの
Black Death、Midnight、Witchtrap、Maniac、Ares Kingdomその他

- SABBATHID prod (Japan)


MORBID TALES is one fine metal fanzine hailing from Canada. It will possess you with a total 80's cut and paste fanzine feeing. For some of you that were alive in the 80's might even feel young again when reading this zine. Issue #3 features in depth interviews with APOKALYPTIC RAIDS, ONSLAUGHT, SACRIFICE and SLAUGHTER. The SACRIFICE and SLAUGHTER inties were fuckin amazing! They were both so good that I continued to read them even thou my poop was done. I was completely glued to my toilet seat and having such a good time that I was even late for work as well. Haha! You'll find great reviews in Morbid Tales as well as some cool nice dark satanic themed art work. This zine reminds me of Cath's "Leather N Spikes" fanzine (RIP) quite a bit, which says a lot as Leather N Spikes was probably Canada's greatest metal zine ever! Dirty and absolutely underground! I give MORBID TALES a mighty hails and a 666/666 on the scale. I look forward to issue #4 (which is out now) and all of you should write for your copy! It's dirt cheap ($1.00) so you can't go wrong. Plus supporting fellow Canadians is always important! ANNICK GIROUX,1115 CHOLETTE CRES.,ORLEANS,ONTARIO K1C 1T4 CANADA GO_YATEN@HOTMAIL.COM

- Keegan, SKULL FUCKING METAL (Canada)


Our two Ottawa-area metalheads are already back with a new issue of Morbid Tales, just in time for the beer season. "Already" as in "most fanzines are published once or twice a year". This one has a few more pages than #1, mostly to give space for more interviews. The cover art is once again pretty cool, with the names of the bands interviewed written on a tombstone surrounded by a bunch of skulls and some more sombre-looking tombstones and trees around. The Canadian Parliament is once again in the background, a little less visible this time around.

Our two protagonists introduce themselves in the first couple of pages and then it's on to interviews with: Anvil, Tinieblas (Venezuela), Witches Hammer, Aggression, Toxic Holocaust, Watain, Cloven Hoof and Rammer. Again the reviews are split into two sections: One by Annick and one by Black Metal Jo. They are so enthusiastic and articulate about the stuff they like (which is pretty much what they review), that I would be very curious to read a few reviews about stuff they hate in an upcoming issue (hint, hint.) That could be very entertaining! :)

There is a two page section on Montreal record shops, and I'm very glad I don't go to Montreal as often as I once did or this could cost me dearly. Once again there's a few stores listed there that I've never been to, and from the description of what they stock, I could hurt my credit card pretty bad if I were to stop by.

Some of the reviews unfortunately have pretty short answers, especially Toxic Holocaust (after reading that, I don't think I'll bother interviewing that guy - I'd most likely spend more time writing the questions than he would writing the answers...) Anvil is a bit on the short side too, but not nearly as bad. Others make up for it though, such as Aggression (that's the cult Montreal band from the 80s, by the way), Watain, and Cloven Hoof (amazing - very short questions, very long answers! The interviewee is quite talkative.) The Rammer interview is also quite informative.

The zine is in the same format as the first issue - 8.5x11 inches sheets folded in two, and the same old school cut and paste format is preserved and even improved I'd say - quite a few drawings, pictures, show posters and what have you all blended together. You can end up spending quite a bit of time just looking at all the details on each page. I'd never have the patience to do something like this! The René "Mad Butcher" Simard pic on page two almost made me spill my beer (hmmm... yeah, not everyone will get that, but whatever... :)

If you liked #1, you'll also like this one. Alright, so when's #3 coming? (Keeping up the pressure. :)) Contact Annick for exact cost for shipping to your location.

- Metal Crypt (Canada)


Killer new zine from Canada!! Perfect Cut and Paste DIY style with Metal passion!
Great interviews with SABBAT (Japan), IMPALER (Usa) and BLASPHEMY ("and I said 'Get the fuck off me!' he wouldn't do it, so with one hand, I took the knife, and stabbed him in the ass")!! Good questions and some great answers!!
Also includes album reviews, guide to music shops in Ontario, live review and the total reek of Metal!
This is the first issue, April 2005, next issue will come a few months later in the summer.

- Todestrieb Records


It's been a while since I last reviewed a fanzine. This one is a bit special in that it is produced locally. Hell, the Canadian Parliament buildings in the background on the cover, it doesn't get more metal than that! :) So anyway, when I met one of the two authors at a show a couple of months ago and she told me they were working on the first issue, I had the feeling that it would be worth the read, solely based on her enthusiasm and knowledge of old school metal. Well, issue #1 does live up to my expectations, and more. It's a half-size format (i.e. xeroxed 8.5x11in pages folded in two) and the layout if the old school cut-and-paste type that was the norm for fanzines in the 80s. In fact, my first reaction when I saw the layout was that it reminded me a lot of Leather N' Spikes fanzine (R.I.P.) - all black and white, text cut and pasted over pages full of B&W photos (lots of cool ones!) and drawings with some occasional humouristic one-liners here and there.

The zine is about 40 pages including the front and back covers. There are very cool interviews with Impaler, Sabbat (Japan) and the Canadian war metallers Blasphemy. Yep, that's it, three interviews. But they're lengthy and interesting, so stop whining! :) The Sabbat interview is a bit difficult to grasp at times since the guy from Sabbat has some difficulties with the English language, but it is very interesting nonetheless. There's a local (Ottawa area) listing of upcoming shows, as well as some recommended stores for metal in both Ottawa and Montreal (we often end up in Montreal, since it is the closest place for us to catch the majority of metal shows that don't stop in Ottawa.) That section will surely hurt my bank account, as it has a few stores I didn't know about listed in there. Damn. There's a little rant relative to "glam metal" vs. "some other forms of metal" that is bound to generate some varied reactions - I won't say more, you can read it for yourself. ;)

Finally, there are two review sections, each written by one of the two editors. If you're expecting reviews of the latest Nightwish or N*FLAMEZ, you're screwed: The section is filled with old school stuff - either released in the 80s, or more recent stuff that has an old school touch to it. The two sections are quite different in style, especially since Black Metal Jo seems to have some problems with grammar and spelling (hey, they don't call me the Grammar Nazi for nothing - beside, he says so himself as an introduction to his review section! :)) But that's a bit like the production on an album: Get past that and focus on the content, as he does give good descriptions of the albums (and he's reviewing some killer material.) From what I can see, they've stuck to reviewing stuff they liked - either because they don't have any junk in their respective collections, or simply because they didn't want to waste zine space with junk! Hehehe What's common to both is the enthusiasm with which they describe some of their favourite albums - you can almost headbang to the words for fuck sake! (I'm not kidding.)

This zine is a poseur-crusher. So if you're into posing, stay away from it, or if you want to stop posing, then get this as a guide to a new start in life. :) It's very low-priced at 50 cents (Canadian), although you'll have to e-mail one of the editors to inquire about cost with shipping to your location, which can't be that much anyway. Even with shipping, your money will be well spent. It is more reasonably priced than many fanzines of its size, and better done too. Very good start for this one. I'm now looking forward to more issues. (Hey, gotta put some pressure on them!)

- Metal Crypt (Canada)